JPGs SOOC? How do you do it?

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Re: JPGs SOOC? How do you do it?

yardcoyote wrote:

I strive to get my images right in camera, with deep adjustments to the jpeg settings (generally made once for each camera and then left alone) an appropriate film simulation (or several in a bracket) and well made decisions regarding focus, exposure, and composition. If i do all that right, simple adjustments in FastStone (primarily cropping, but also straightening and tweaks to contrast, highlight/shadows, gamma, and even very occasionally color) should be all that is required to add a bit of polish.

Do you have any examples of settings you use on fuji-cameras? I would love to get some input as to where to start and experiment from there.

If an image "needs" more than that, it is unsuccessful by definition and either gets trashed or used for more extensive experimentation in Paintshop Pro, with the results, if any, ending up as digital art rather than photography.

I can see that. I'm more in the corner where I think that any tweaking in contrast, color, highlight/shadows etc is best done in another program and with the rawfile. Maybe I'm not attentive enough in the shooting phase to do this or just accustomed enough to editing software far more capable than photos...

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