Dell 32" 4K monitor UP3216Q calibration

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Re: Dell 32" 4K monitor UP3216Q calibration

Georgeee wrote:

Just bought a Dell 32" 4k Monitor. it says:

  • This 31.5-inch monitor comes factory-color calibrated with a deltaE of less than 2, so you can count on precise, consistent colors right out of the box."

Out of box, the color is awful for photo editing, also at 75% of brightness and contrast. Maybe good for other purpose.

Brightness needed for you depends on your room environment and how you will be using your photos. Generally displays are shipped with brightness way to high.

I believe it is a very capable monitor, just need calibration ( i have Dell 3008, great monitor 8 years ago). My questions is

1. Do I need a hardware calibrator like X-Rite i1Display Pro (Dell mentions it)? Or there some sofware calibration?

Ideally yes you need a hardware calibrator and the i1 is a,very good one to use.

2. Should Dell provide a few profiles, one for photographers? Is it possible I can use other people's profile from their calibration of the same monitor and just load to my system? ( I have limited knowledge on color management/calibration)

Doesn't work this way. You need to calibrate you monitor.

3. What's you experience using this model of monitor. Is the X-Rite i1Display Pro the only way to go?

None. I have a BenQ 32" 4K display.


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