Dell 32" 4K monitor UP3216Q calibration

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Re: Dell 32" 4K monitor UP3216Q calibration

Georgeee wrote:

Another question . The reason that dell cannot provide a general purpose profile for photography is because of the difference in the graphic card?

No, they could both deliver it properly calibrated and with a profile that would make it look excellent for photography (not perfect, but close).

But they won’t because the luminance level and lack of contrast in a calibrated system sells very little hardware when viewed side by side with your standard LG, Samsung, etc. Top tuned and saturated colors with twice or three times the luminance.

So they calibrate the colors at WAY to high luminance levels and accept some drift towards saturation in order to make it look good.

BUT: You should also be aware that proper calibration, and software is completely ignored by all the “mainstream” vendors. Getting stable software, with proper calibration features and backlight corrections is not a priority with Dell, BENQ and the likes. Mostly its hopelessly buggy with missing or faulty features and clalibration, and they don’t care. They are only focused on the next monitor they will sell.

The monitors are usually “okay” for the price, but they are nowhere near the professional wide gamut displays  in terms of quality and calibration software support.

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