D850 - Autofocus question & issue

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Re: Issue update


If you can find a Radio Shack nearby, go there and get some electrical contact cleaner called Deoxit. If no Radio Shack, try any electronics supply store (perhaps a Home Depot as well) and look for contact cleaner.

Be careful with Deoxit. Some of their products that are labeled 'lubricating' cleaners will leave a residue that will attract particles over time.

Normal radio shack contact cleaner would be better. Deoxit is still called for if you have a really tough cleaning problem, but I usually follow it with a normal contact cleaner. However, this probably isn't one of those scenarios.

The easy test for contact cleaners: spray it on the back of a clean hand and let it dry, then check for leftovers. If you have a spare piece of clean glass (picture frame not being used, etc.), you can use that too.


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