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JulieA wrote:

I am venturing back into photography after a long hiatus from being too busy as a mom. Just bought myself a D750 and some nice lenses. Currently I have all my photos just in the apple Photos app on my MacBook Pro. Eon's ago (way before it went subscription) I did use photoshop to retouch photos but was never proficient at it. I still have a version of PS limited running on my computer. I'd like to learn how to use a better retouching software to have more control over my photos. If I'm just starting out with all these options out there now, what should I start with, Lightroom maybe? Normally I only need to adjust color, contrast, highlights, shadows, etc. but I also like to play around with erasing unwanted objects in my shots. Like a photo bomber in a shot of my kids or something like that.

Since you use a Mac i would seriously look at


It lets you use apple photos as the DAM but gives you a serious raw editor.

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