Using EM-1 mk2 + PL100-400 with CAF + Tr to shoot windsurfing

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Brian Wadie
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Using EM-1 mk2 + PL100-400 with CAF + Tr to shoot windsurfing

I have just finished downloading in excess of 6k images from 3 sessions of windsurf shooting off our local beach (part of the warm up to a week-end long event starting tomorrow)

As most of the shots were sequences of 5 - 10 shots this probably equates to 1k different shooting events but I found it interesting that I ended up shooting exclusively using CAF + tracking and by doing so got >90% success rate for focus during jumps, wave riding and other action (note - that does not equate to >90% keepers Many were rejected because of compositional errors or beach bound riders walking in front of the action etc)

I was using CAF lock 0, mechanical shutter at 8fps, manual exposure with Auto ISO (anything up to ISO3200 during the grey gloomy period down to ISO200 in later sun). Single point centre focus, hand held throughout with most of the action around 300-400mm (then cropping) as the waves were a good distance out.

So long as I located the focus point on the rider focus tracking locked on and followed without problem

I see much written about how poor the tracking function is with the EM-1 mk2  but can only encourage anyone who hasn't tried it / already made their mind up it won't work for them to give it a test, I find its invaluable for my water sport action work (in my experience the tracking functionality exceeds that on my 7Dmk2 + 70-300L IS / 400 f5.6L but I know that many others disagree with me)

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