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caterpillar wrote:

The D850 is an interim palliative. It does show what is possible. But it also reveals the weaknesses of Nikon in terms of technologies it does not have and have to get from others (IBIS, liveview, etc).

Though it has not exactly been a success , the Nikon 1 system mirrorless cameras are actually superb performers from a performance perspective. Excellent AF only matched in the last year or so by other brand, very fast start up times etc and though limited the AF speed using adapted FF Nikon lenses was very good. While Nikon has never had IBIS they do have native mount lenses with VR/VC/OS covering from 15-800mm. IBIS is now available from Sony, Pentax, Olympus , Panasonic and apparently coming from Fuji , while certain ways of doing it may be copyrighted there are clearly several ways to achieve this .

Just as with Sony Nikon have some superb lenses and yes a few duds .They do also have native mountable no adapters access to a boatload of lenses from many brands

And their lenses aren't going to be that dandy when you go high pixel count

Nikon have had 36mp cameras since 2012 and now have a 45mp model. Competition is the best thing for the consumer that can happen in any market

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