30x zoom or 3x zoom for compact camera?

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Re: Selective boasting

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

With the FZ-1000 or 2000/2500, you have a FULLY-articulating rear LCD so you can hold the camera HIGH OVERHEAD, (with the LCD turned 90-degrees "down"), and thus shoot over the heads of everyone. Note that this is impossible with most dSLR's that either do not have fully-articulating LCD's OR that FACT that ALL dSLR's have a very bad AF-DELAY when using Live-View (rear LCD).

Since the FZ's are "MirrorLess", they are ALWAYS in "Live-View" with NO AF PENALTY DELAY.

In fact the FZ's have much faster, (less than half), the normal dSLR AF-Shutter Lag.

The FZ cameras you boat about have pretty crummy image quality and high-ISO performance compared to cameras (with or without mirrors) that have bigger sensors. However, that crummy performance is good enough for you and many others.

While it's untrue to say that "ALL DSLRs have a very bad AF-DELAY when using Live-View" - a few do, most have some delay that isn't "very bad" - it certainly is true that the speed of most isn't as fast as mirrorless cameras. But it is good enough for many people.

Similarly with the advantages of articulating LCDs. A fixed LCD gives almost - but, I agree, not all - of the advantage of being able to hold the camera away from the eye. But a fixed LCD is good enough for many people.

Why don't you try, for a change, to gibe balanced advice?

I won't "argue" with anything you said because obviously some people do manage to "make-do" without all the "advantages" now possible with newer technology.

BUT ... what is WRONG with simply pointing out the advantages/disadvantages different cameras have so that a BEGINNER may know about them.

Different cameras have different advantages and disadvantages. There's nothing wrong with pointing both sides out. If you did that I'd have no complaint.

But what you do is stress the advantages of the cameras you favour without mentioning their disadvantages while stressing - indeed, exaggerating  - the disadvantages of other cameras without mentioning their advantages.

Remember that they have not had the advantage of "seeing/USING" as many cameras as we have over the years.

Of course - and that's exactly why they need to be told both sides of the picture.

Beginners are asking for "advice" here and I like to point out specific cameras that many have unique features that could be valuable to them, (like FULLY-articulating LCD and 1/4000s FLASH-SYNC).

But that's not helpful to a decision-making process unless you couple it with pointing out (for example) the excessive noise such cameras show. I'm not here to denigrate anyone's choice; but it is important for the beginners you claim to help that any advice is balanced and not biased to what you prefer for your own use.

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