30x zoom or 3x zoom for compact camera?

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I have done that with my 5DII or 6D held above my head and shooting wide. It is a guess in composition at best.

Why is it a guess? You just hold the camera slightly in front of you (which is where you hands want to be anyway) and look at the LCD.

It would be a guess when holding the camera above my head, not in front of it, to get as much height as possible. I guess a tilting LCD would work but a fix LCD does not as the camera has to be slightly pointing downward while extending both arms to raise the camera as high as it can go.

The sample photo below would be hard to frame correctly with a fixed LCD.

The only time I've found the articulating displays on my SX50 and/or 80D of real use is when one of them is mounted on my telescope or long lens in a position to observe the sky. In that case, the LCD is often facing the ground and only 1-2 feet off the ground. For handheld use, shooting either below or above, I've found framing with a fixed LCD of about equal use, and sometimes superior because there's no odd coordinate transformation going on in your head between the way the LCD is facing and the way you have to move the camera.

Holding up a 6DII or 80D with a medium to large lens mounted such as the 24-105mm f/4L IS might be hard as the left hand might need to hold the lens. Just holding to the hinged LCD might break it if the camera is not held steadily by the right hand. The FZ-1000 can be easily held with only the right hand which allows the left hard to turn the LCD for precise framing.

It comes with practice.

Another thing thing you can do is put the camera on a Monopod that has a ball head so the camera is pointing slightly downwards. Use the 10 second timer then hold the camera high in the air. You can also do this when video recording.


I once did that with a 10 foot light stand with my camera on top.

I have done it with a 12' pole ... (just joking) ...

But actually I once had to shoot of a "trucking yard / parking lot".

I had a (flat-top) Jeep Wagoneer, and mounted (secured) a 15' LADDER on top of it.

Then stood on top of that to get an "overhead" shot of the entire lot, (w/ 14mm).

Got the shot, but realized later it was a pretty stupid thing to do.

I'l say.

I took this one but I used a 120 JLG manlift to which I was harnessed with a full body harness.

I am a AWS-CWI (welding inspector) so have had to ride MANY of those to inspect welds on top structures of buildings.

I used to be (very) scared-of-heights, (and STILL AM .... LOL ... not gonna LIE) !!!

Also did Auto-Rama SportsCar Shows for 6 years, used a 6' ladder to get a slightly elevated shot.

I do the same thing with some model airplane airshows.

I HATE model airplane shows.  Gotta admit that is the hardest thing I ever shot, (and not very "successful").

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