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Re: In a nutshell ...

ArachnidClaw wrote:

caterpillar wrote:

The A7R iii is really the best all around/versatile 35FF DSLR!...

Absolutely agree. This camera is so far my dream camera above all others!

- good for landscape and fine detail

32 to 42 mp is the 'sweet spot' range, I think. Below 32 you don't have as much flexibility to crop, or as much sharpness (with the right lenses) and fine detail. Above 42 the returns, to me, are diminishing, while also being countered/overmatched by inconvenience (file sizes etc).

I agree. Cropped to aps-c, you still get about 18-19mp stills. Not bad really and if you crop more aggressively, then you can probably still get 12mp. Still good for even an 8x10 or 11x14 prints!

The A7Riii falls just at the top of the range I consider ideal - at least until computers, memory cards and SSDs are a few times faster (and cheaper, maybe).

The memory card prices will go down in due time. That is a given. As for computers, the AMD Ryzen chips has shown that this is a multimedia/content creator cpu that is powerful but not as expensive as Intel. There are also 6-cores, 8-cores and even higher cores available. Plus Nvidia and other chip makers have made great strides in the 10xxx chips that will aid in rendering/processing of this high pixel count.

- and yet it also can do sports action at 10fps shooting!

Which is amazing for a hi-res camera in such a compact form factor.

Even the D850, Nikon's behemoth, only does 7 fps, and requires a grip attachment to get up to 9fps!

The D850, being still a dslr is handicapped. Plus, it's liveview is severely handicapped. It's not just video that is affected. If you use that LCD for composing, then that is one of its serious weakness.

The D850 is an interim palliative. It does show what is possible. But it also reveals the weaknesses of Nikon in terms of technologies it does not have and have to get from others (IBIS, liveview, etc). And their lenses aren't going to be that dandy when you go high pixel count and have to reckon with a combination of PDAF-CDAF and for video use.

- and has the AF to also do the action/sports continuous AF!
- Good 4k video with the right tools and presets/looks
- long battery life
- no overheating
- usb C and ability to charge the camera via usb
- decent weathersealing
- Dual card slots
- Better IBIS
- Faster and more resilient eye-focus
- touch screen AF
- Better button and dial placements
- Better ergonomics
- etc. etc.

Not to mention huge buffer, increased DR and Pixel Shift capability! And the Joystick!

The buffer goes without saying. The a6300 got a lot of criticism for offering fast AF and high framerates but weak buffer. The a6500 corrected that. For them to cripple the upcoming A7 models is to behave like Canon!

There are downsides of course. The price is one. Another is no fully functioning touch screen.

When you look at what it offers, the form factor it delivers it in and the price of competing/comparable cameras, it's actually not such a high price.

To some degree you are right. In reality, U$3,200 is really the A7R's starting price. It should go down by a couple of hundred dollars in 6 months or so, once the dust has settled. If the past A7R's (or any other A7's) history has shown, we should get discounts as the months rolls on. Though I will be waiting for the A7 iii by next year, because it might be a lower pixel count a7R iii, I would not mind getting it once the price settled down. Waiting 2-2.5 years is a long time, but then again, I also still don't have native 35FF lenses. So, getting the A7Riii now might make me frustrated without the proper lenses. If the way the pricing history goes, in 2-2.5 years, I expect this model to go U$2,300-2,400!  That's what happened to the version 1 and 2 in our country. I don't know what the A7R-4 will be, but version 3 is usually the charm. Version 2 solves the bugs of version 1, while version 3 improves on the weaknesses of ver 2. Unless some tech that is ground breaking is made (like global shutter), version 4 will be more minor improvements on ver 3.

Agreed about the desirability of more touch screen capability (basically touch navigation of menus)! I wonder if that is something that can be added in firmware. Hmmn...

It can be done, but I doubt if they'll do it. Maybe on ver 4?

But basically, the PROs are more and more significant and has more impact to more photographers!

Good job Sony!

Right on.

I now wonder what the A7 iii is going to be as this A7R iii seems to be able to do it all! Wit this camera so good, I don't know what the A7 iii is going to bring to the table that the A7R iii can't. The only things I can think of is lower price. A sub U$2,000 A7 iii that can do as much or close to the A7R iii is going to sink the 6d2 and even the 5D4 line.

If Sony can roll out the core of the features that define the A9 and A7Riii to other cameras in the a7 line, they will surely be close to unstoppable. It's that simple!

I can imagine the A7 iii to be 30mp tops. But even if it were 24mp I would be ok if they can at least make the IQ better (DR, high ISO performance, etc).  And if they can make the rolling shutter effects in 4k video much less. I don't expect it to be as good as the A9, but if they can lessen it, it would be a big improvement.

In reality, I would think of the A7 iii as a mini A7R iii, not the A9. Think of all the A7R iii is, minus the 42mp, would make me happy already if the price is around U$1,800 (which is it's typical starting price). 24mp, A7Rii would just be fine. That means the AF improvements, eye-focus improvements, larger batt capacity, etc. I am just afraid that they might lose the joystick or dual card slot for the A7iii .

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