The new X-E3 is the Leica CL

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Re: The new X-E3 is the Leica CL

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Looks like it will have the shooting experience of a Sony NEX camera. No thanks.

Sorry, but no.

What is the shooting experience going to be like? A Leica M?

Its a mini soap bar shape with two fiddly top dials, just like a NEX.

I've been shooting Leica M cameras since 1967. I still shoot with my M3 regularly. I considered a digital Leica, but between the cost, sensor rot (which they will no longer replace for free) and other problems, I decided to pass.

I call my X-E3 my "baby Leica". It and the X-Pro2 are the closest cameras to shooting with a Leica I've experienced. My X-E3 is a wonderful camera and I love the images it creates, including those taken with my Leica lenses.

In his post on the new CL, Jonathan Slack has a section titled "Shooting with M lenses" -

He writes that he made detailed comparisons between the Fuji X-T2, the Leica M10, SL and the CL, all using the current Leica 28/2 and 50/1.4, and concludes that "the Fuji images were poor".

Not sure what you got out of that or what you're trying to say, but the "poor" Fuji images were the result of using certain adapted M lenses on the Fuji cameras which has nothing to do with Fujifilm. This has been an issue for Sony as well.

The point is that Leica have optimized the sensor on this camera to work with those lenses. Nothing more. Previous Leica digitals have not all worked well with the lenses, so that is the first thing reviewers like to check.

Doug mentioned that he loves the images the X-E3 creates, including those taken with Leica lenses. I had just read Jonathan's article on the CL in which he wrote that he got poor results when using two Leica lenses on the X-T2. The contrast between those statements is what struck me, nothing else.

Not a big deal either way. I only use a Fuji lens with my Fuji, and there are plenty of Fuji lenses to choose from. It's unlikely I'll buy any Leica M lenses. Perhaps a Voigtlander lens, if any.

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