Minimalistic setup for a videographer/photographer at a tradeshow?

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Minimalistic setup for a videographer/photographer at a tradeshow?

The good news is that it's not until the end of April 2018 but I do have to sign up and register as an exhibitor pretty soon here.

Some key notes:

1) I am looking to have my booth draw people in and get attention.

2) I do not want the generic photographer's booth of having 3 or 4 of their photos framed on a wood like surface wall behind them and a table and chair with prints and books of their work.

I've seen how other photographers have had their booths set up at this event and it's boring and generic.

I would do the popup banner stands but I would need at least 2 and at $300CDN a pop, they are not cheap and perhaps not the best route to take for someone who is hosting their own small booth at a tradeshow (so obviously I am on a budget).

I don't wan't clutter. I want a very clean and simple setup, but what I will offer will suck people in.

Some ideas that I have come up with:

1) Not sure yet on the backdrop that I will be using but I will have my logo banner right in the centre of it.

2) I will have two large TVs (most likely 65" each or so on stands with one playing videos of my work (remember, video is the #1 online too for marketing and it draws people in like no other form. Not even photos can match video for getting and capturing attention). And the other TV will have a slideshow of my photo work.

3) Have a contest giveaway and perhaps give something away (that is cheap) so that the visitors have something to remember me by and my brand remains on their mind for the rest of the time that they are at the show. By having contest giveaways, it gives the visitors a reason to have to re-visit your booth again.

The contest giveaway is obviously very common and perhaps too generic. That leads me to point 4.

4) Have a photobooth/photo ops at my station (not me taking the pics), where visitors will take pictures/seflies, group photos of each other while having either my logo as a backdrop or them holding up a large (but light) see through cut out frame that just so happens to have my logo on it (remember I am doiung this to get me mass exposure) Then after have the crowd vote on the winner, and this winner gets a prize from me (whether it's a portraiture session, whatever).

5) My marketing material will just be my business cards and trifold brochures. No prints. All work will be viewed digitally. My goal here is to suck people in my seeing my work on my TV screens and then go to my website to see the rest. I want the traffic to my site.

Having a possible photo ops station or contest giveaway would just be a bonus way to draw people in (and trust me it will). I don't even know how you would start a photo station.

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