How many pancakes is enough pancakes? Am I sick?

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How many pancakes is enough pancakes? Am I sick?

I think I have a problem.

The 14 mm is the most recent addition to my collection of pancakes. The price went down to 255 EUR (for about 24 hours), which happened only once before, 2 years ago (on German Amazon). That, plus its disappearance from some US stores prompted me to act on the impulse. BTW, it was similar situation with the Oly 17, which I got for 175 EUR or so, couple months after it was officially announced as discontinued.

Anyway, that 14 is a very cute lens. And pairs well with my GM5

Ain't that cute?*

I have not had a chance to use it yet, only shot a test chart.

And judging by popular opinion of this lens, I either must have gotten an extraordinary copy or its performance significantly changes with distance to subject. In short, the sharpness wide open is quite surprising. Softness in extreme corners is not, as that is what I would expect from a tiny pancake. CA is not a surprise either, it seems that you get that from Panasonic regardless whether you pay 300 or 1300 bucks for the lens.

So, where's the problem I mentioned?


Yes, I have had that PL15 before buying any of the pancakes.

So, if you are wondering why I have bought the 14 and 17 when I already have the rather wonderful PL15, then I'm afraid I am not the right person to answer. I think I have a pancake fetish.

BTW, that Leica CL with the new 18 mm, hmm... yummy

Another view of the four:

Fun fact, I'm also tracking the price of Panasonic's PZ 14-42. A lens I know I will not use much if at all. I think I need professional help or something.

* That phrase have been stuck in my head for years now, I finally went the rabbit hole to find out what's that weird voice I hear in my head every time I see that phrase. Well, it's this . Thank you Blind Dog for digging that out of the depths of my memory and pinning it right near the surface where it could torture me with it's mysterious familiarity every time I see it.

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