strange effect in noise reduction by two applications

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strange effect in noise reduction by two applications

Hy, it is maybe for most of you clear as tapwater but i am trying to understand this behaviour:

take a High iso image in low light; and you got all kind of noise:

accoording to Cambridgeincolor you got:

- Fixed Patern Noise, if i got the info right this is sensor characteristic noise caused by "hot Pixel" in long exposures. (Color distortion in silkypix)

- Random noise, just what you get when you crank up the isovalue (the smoothness slider in Silkypix)

- Banding Noise: also camera depended and occurs when shadows are raised in dark area's and high iso values. (Neat noise slider in silkypix)

So far i grasp the content.

Now i multi use Raw develop applications; So you can use the strength of a certain application.

when i run a rw2 through DxO op11 free( essenstial) the HQ does his thing:

i got ugly black spots when i export a dng to Silkypix:

a 100% of a 2000 iso

what is also strange the smoothness slider or noise reduction doesn't work on this kind of "noise". (So i thought Dxo's nr does a thing which can't be read by Sp.)

so turn off NR of DxO and export in dng:

the color noise is visible and can be corrected in silkypix when the dng is loaded out of dxo.

Sp7 's color distortion is actualy preset accoording to iso value and when shifted from left to right visible reaction is seen in image. (colornoise reduction is still working on the dng of DxO. But the smoohtness slider does still nothing.

When i export this hars black spotted in tiff to PSE and Dfine i cán get the image clean.

Ok long intro and now the questions:

why is the image (noise) still effected by DxO when NR is turned off?

Why can't silkypix redo the random noise, (slider does nothing) when DGN is exported?

So if prime noise isn't used the image random noise can't be cleaned up by a second raw editor. only in a tiff version but then you lose the presets that silkypix is actually read out the exif of the rw2. Not to mention al lot of possible possibilities to proces when Tiff is loaded.

example of four kinds of editing:

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