E-M1 articulating screen experience

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Re: E-M1 articulating screen experience

nevada5 wrote:

What I never understood is that since it is a personal subjective preference, why do some review sites always give a hit to a flip-up screen?

In this little community Marty's poll showed that it is 50/50 about who likes tilt vs flippy https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/60246534

So logically the camera makers should make A and B versions of the same camera to suit both groups.

Or make a screen arrangement that is easily customer swappable from tilt type build to flippy type build.

Or best would be to design an articulating screen that stays behind the camera, they managed that with their small screen on the old Oly C-5060 so why not update that?

I for one hate flippy out sideways, makes the camera more conspicuous and prone to screen damage and is slower to use due to me being a screen only user.

Where Olympus once made a fuss about "viewfinders must be on axis" they sure don't care about screen users having the same experience.

Regards.... Guy

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