30x zoom or 3x zoom for compact camera?

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Re: Depends heavily on what you are doing

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

With the FZ-1000 or 2000/2500, you have a FULLY-articulating rear LCD so you can hold the camera HIGH OVERHEAD, (with the LCD turned 90-degrees "down"), and thus shoot over the heads of everyone. Note that this is impossible with most dSLR's that either do not have fully-articulating LCD's OR that FACT that ALL dSLR's have a very bad AF-DELAY when using Live-View (rear LCD).

That is entirely untrue. First of all, I shoot over head with my SLR all the time. Second, AF lag is so low that it just doesn't matter in such situations because framing takes way longer.

I don't agree ... unless you have a D3xxx it is impossible to frame as accurately, (or "level"), as well as you can with a fully-articulating LCD.

And I appreciate the fast AF.

It goes without saying that a fully-articulating LCD is one of the great photographic inventions of the 21st century.

Remember, there was a time when few cars had rear-view and side-view mirrors, and those that did, had them fixed in place.

You can bet there were a few people who railed against articulating sideview mirrors, claiming that they look through their fixed ones "hundreds of times" a year without issue.


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