The new X-E3 is the Leica CL

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Re: The new X-E3 is the Leica CL

Yake wrote:

The CL is way out of my price range for such a camera. Only Fuji & Canon for me.

If I were wealthy, I'd buy a CL and every other Leica just to play with.

Most wealthy people I know are wealthy because they are smart with their money.  Buying a basic APS-C camera at 3-4x the price everyone else charges is not exactly smart shopping.   Ditto for the lenses.     $1299 for a 18-55 f3.5-5.6 kit lens or  mediocre 18mm f2.8?

People with so much money they don't need to think about prices, would be shopping special edition M series bodies, not this APS-C system.

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