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Re: No.

GrapeJam wrote:

brightcolours wrote:

Ok, funny post.

The 6D having worse live view?? That is mind boggling, because it is not true in any sense. And live view being 5 times slower? The 6D has a very high live view video feed frame rate. Hunts... Are you talking about live view autofocus performance? That is even more wrong.

Lets look at actual test results.

6D in PD AF (which D750 does not offer) live view AF: 1.679 seconds (camera drops mirror, acquires focus, raises mirror again, takes photo).

D750 in live view: 1.769 seconds to get focus confirmation, taking the photo.

Now the 6D in live view with contrast detect AF: 0.670 seconds to get focus confirmation, taking the photo. That is more than a second faster, or 37% of the time it takes the D750 to do it.

Taken from imaging-resource review test data.

And I was not even referring to live view AF performance (where the 6D beats any Nikon DSLR), I was talking about the live view implementation itself.

You're sure about that?

About what? The imaging resource  review data? Yes. I did not make a typing mistake. That it depends on which lens is used? Also yes. My old EF 28-135mm USM lens is for instance pretty slow with live view AF, overshooting and then taking many slow, small steps to get to focus. My STM lens is very fast, ranging from almost immediately to about  0.6 seconds. The old 35mm f2 with old style motor sits inbetween  those two extremes, taking around 1 second on average. (I don't have a more exact way to measure the the time).

So no, the 6D for sure is not about 5 times slower to focus in live view.

Canon 6D:

That is a video about video, not about live view AF.


Again, that is a video about video, not about live view AF.

Oh, and the 6D was using STM lens which have much smoother liveview AF performance than the Nikon 24-120 which is a garbage lens in both AF and optical performance. also the D750 was set on AFF mode which will immediately try to refocus whenever you mode the camera, so in the video it was wasting time trying to refocus on non subjects.

Yes, like I said, a totally rubbish video pair when talking about evaluating live view AF.

I've tried both with the Sigma 35 F1.4 art

Wow, you tried a Sigma 35mm lens to evaluate 6D live view AF performance. Sigma is known to not having the best AF implementation for Canon. In fact, I could not get in focus shots with my Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 EX DC on my 450D in live view (both are now dated of course, but it gives you an idea of how bad an idea it is to evaluate live view AF performance with a 3rd party lens).

Try with a Canon lens.

and the 6D was definitely slower than the D750, still, both are unuseable for video, STM lens or not.

No idea why you talk about video when talking about live view.

I am glad for you that you find the on-off button to be better placed on the D750. I have no idea why you think it is a plus you can turn it on and off with just one hand holding the camera... When I pick up my camera to turn it on, I really do not need to have that be a one hand thing?? Nor when I turn it off and put it away. I do see the plus for one hand operation when actually taking photos... I hold it to the eye, right hand operating, left hand holding/operating the lens. Need shorter exposure times. Can adjust ISO with the right hand. With your D750? Hmm.. Need to take the camera from the face, look at it to find the ISO button on the left side, let go of the lens, press that button, do the adjustment. Yeah.

Oh, except the record button, which is near the shutter button, is reprogrammable to be the ISO button on the D750

And what happens when you want to record now?

Glad you find the rear dail easier placed. The Canon has the better front dial placement, no need to reposition the hand position because of the angle the index finger has to change going from shooting/shutter button position to front dial operation like with the D750.

Nope, never had to reposition my hand while using the front dial on any Nikon, I move the front dial with my middle finger.

Must be a very comfortable place your index finger is in? How is it nicer to use a middle finder to operate something than an index finger?

Actually the front dial on the nikon is closer to the shutter button than on 6D,

Yes, and the 6D's dial is placed so it is very easy and comfortable to be operated with your index finger, without the need to move the hand. Try it, it really is true.

so yeah, the front dial is also placed better on Nikon than Canon.

No, it is not. Try it again.

With the front dial on the Canon I definitely have to move my index finger off the shutter button.

Yes. You do. Funny how you never need that finger to remain on the shutter button when doing adjustments. There simply is no need.

The 6D's menu system is easier and faster to use, due to its structure, tabbed nature without scrolling and layout.

Except most of the important functions can be set to the "my menu" on the D750, which is right outside so you never have to dig.

Look at your sentence as if someone you don't agree with has written it. You will notice how nonsensical it is. Are most of important functions really hidden in the menu? And if you need another function, is that again hidden so deep you have to dig? And if you put all your most important functions in "my menu", you will have to scroll again?

On my 6D, the only thing in "my menu" is mirror lock up. I have found no need yet to put other functions there to make them easier findable.

The D750's hand grip.. One of the least comfortable grips I have tried. The 6D's grip, way nicer.

It depends on the hand, I have small hand so the D750 feels perfect for me. And while the 6D's grip does feel better, in long shoot I've found the D750's grip to have tired me less, despite both using the same lens.

Nikon oddity: The Nikon 750D's claimed 100% view finder actually covers 97%. Canon's claimed 97% for the 6D view finder actually covers 98% using the same test procedure.

There's only one source that claims that, until I've seen others source claim the same, the claim is suspicious at best.

No, the claim is not suspicious in any way. Why is it not suspicious in any way? Because they provide the photographic evidence.

And from my experience I've always got the exact framing with the photo as with what I've seen on the viewfinder.

No, from your experience you have never actually tested it out. So, test it out. Make a test "chart" with boundaries you need to frame on, and with boundaries around it that will only show if the view finder does not in fact do a precise 100%.

Mate, it's obvious that you've never used the D750 to any extend and just make your claims based on what you've read.

One does not "read" images.

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