30x zoom or 3x zoom for compact camera?

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Re: Depends heavily on what you are doing

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If I'm going to museums and other similar sites, I take wide angles. If I'm going to a wildlife refuge, I take the big telephoto. If I'm doing some of each, I take some of each.

Any 3x zoom compact is going to be in the middle - 28-84, for example. Neither wide, nor long.

A 30x is also unlikely to be wide, just long (24-720, for example). Do you need big telephoto where you are going?

Most recent (<5 years) compacts start at 24mm. You are well outside the mainstream saying that isn’t wide.

It's not wide for architecture (see "museums" above). There's a reason Canon makes a 17TS-E and an 11-24. This was shot with the 8-15L.

Novelty shots aren’t my thing, but to each their own.

When I do street photography at even 28mm equivalent, I just about have to stick my camera right in people’s faces to reasonably fill the frame.

When I shoot people, my most-used lens is the 70-200/2.8.

Good luck with that on the street.

Street photography makes absolutely no sense to me.

And yet, when you are going on a tour or visiting a city, like the OP is planning, you are shooting on a street.

But even so, the 70-200 sure makes getting candids easier since you can be far away.

Not trying to offend but candid street photography is for pussies, especially if using a tele lens from far away. You are missing the whole fun and probably also the photos.

No one even sees you.

You'll be surprise how easily people on the street with a big white Canon lens are being spotted even from far away.


With a FULLY-articulating rear-lcd, (ala FZ or Dxxx), you can hold it "close" against your waist and it subjects would never suspect, (or high overhead or arms length).

And Porter used to make a lens attachment w/45 degree mirror, (but they are closed and not sure how you'd get those now).

People aren’t dumb. You’re not fooling anyone. Telephoto lenses and shooting from the waist are for people who think they’re doing something wrong by taking photos of people on the street.

NONSENSE ... lots of people walk around with a camera hanging at their waist. And most do NOT KNOW about "fully-articulating" LCD's so they would probably not even know it was possible to take their photo while it is at their waist. They may indeed see you looking "down" (at the LCD), but again they would probably just think you are looking at your camera but now know you could be "composing" an image without holding to their eye.

And if you combined that with the 45-degree mirror, the camera would not even appear to be looking at them.

There’s no trick to it. You frame and anticipate the moment first with your eye, then raise the camera and take the photo. By the time they realize what you’re doing (if at all), the photo’s already in the can.

But what IF they don't want their photo taken, that is a good way to get "hurt", (maybe really bad), or LOSE YOUR CAMERA, (to the concrete).

I took a photo of Charlie Pride once and he got "mad" at me. (But I was "saved" by the fact it was a Polaroid SX-70 and he had NEVER seen them before. He took away my photo and then laughed at me because it was all "green" and he thought it had NOT taken ... so he laughed at me and said .. HA HA ... serves you right ... it didn't work ...

BUT ... then he noticed it was starting to develop/appear and he was mesmerized by it, and then ordered me to take ANOTHER photo and he held them both as they fully developed. It was 2:00am but that club was 24hr's so eventually he surprised everyone there by coming out front and he TOOK PHOTOS with EVERYONE there ... (I made $1500 shooting until 6am)

Charlie "watched" every single photo develop.

In busy cities it's difficult to avoid photographing people when you want to take a photo if a famous building.


A VERY GOOD observation and point ...

With the FZ-1000 or 2000/2500, you have a FULLY-articulating rear LCD so you can hold the camera HIGH OVERHEAD, (with the LCD turned 90-degrees "down"), and thus shoot over the heads of everyone. Note that this is impossible with most dSLR's that either do not have fully-articulating LCD's OR that FACT that ALL dSLR's have a very bad AF-DELAY when using Live-View (rear LCD).

Apparently the recent Canon t7i doesn’t have such a problem. Reviews say it’s the same speed in LiveView or viewfinder mode. If so, then dslrs have finally caught up to point & shoots, only 20 years later.

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