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Re: No.

brightcolours wrote:

I am glad for you that you find the on-off button to be better placed on the D750. I have no idea why you think it is a plus you can turn it on and off with just one hand holding the camera... When I pick up my camera to turn it on, I really do not need to have that be a one hand thing?? Nor when I turn it off and put it away. I do see the plus for one hand operation when actually taking photos... I hold it to the eye, right hand operating, left hand holding/operating the lens. Need shorter exposure times. Can adjust ISO with the right hand. With your D750? Hmm.. Need to take the camera from the face, look at it to find the ISO button on the left side, let go of the lens, press that button, do the adjustment. Yeah.

Utter garbage. Just total nonsense. When you pick up a camera with a big heavy lens attached, you tend to pick it up with your hands in the shooting positions, so that would be with your left hand supporting the lens, and the right hand on the right side of the body. So how are you going to turn the Canon on?

ISO adjustment? On the D750 you can have full time ISO adjustment on the rear command dial, with no need to press any buttons at all. Or you can have exposure compensation on the rear command dial. Or aperture. All without having to press any buttons, and WITHOUT having to take your finger off the shutter release! Seriously, the most awful thing about Canon's "ergonomics" is that you can hardly do anything without having to take your finger off the shutter release and reach back to the dial or the button farm (which is an uncomfortable stretch). On the Nikon you can change ISO/EC AND aperture while shooting a burst. It's just so much better than Canon's system.

Glad you find the rear dail easier placed. The Canon has the better front dial placement, no need to reposition the hand position because of the angle the index finger has to change going from shooting/shutter button position to front dial operation like with the D750.

You don't have to use your index finger for the front command dial. That's the problem with Canon, the index finger has to do all the work, and thats unnecessary and inefficient.

I love both Nikon and Canon systems, each for different reasons. But ever since the D7000 period, Nikons have been far, far better from an ergonomic standpoint.

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