What size zoom did you need for most subjects when traveling overseas

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Extreme tele

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

Gosh ... too bad you didn't not have a FZ-1000, you could have gotten a photo of it.

Seriously, I don't really believe the "10,000mm" ... I know for a fact that I can see things with the 3200mm-EFL on the FZ-1000 that I CANNOT SEE with my eye. So I suggest that IF you "saw" it, then you may not have needed 10,000mm and thus the FZ-1000 could have imaged it.

Well, there was a touch of fun in my reply that may have been missed.

Generally extreme tele shots disappoint due to a number of factors.

  • Often the super tele lens is optically worst at its extreme
  • The camera shake situation becomes very critical
  • Atmospheric effects like heat haze can make a mess of the image
  • At extreme tele the aperture is usually small and the ISO may be needing to be cranked up to get sensible shutter speeds, that means more noise.
  • The cameras that use digital tricks to extend the optical zoom range generally seriously lose image quality, ranging from slight to awful.

With my M4/3 gear my longest lens is a 75-300mm zoom (equivalent to 150-600mm in FF) and that is a real handful to get correct and accurate framing even with the extremely good Olympus body stabilisation enabled at half press. I should be using a tripod but I ditched carrying that since using Olympus stabilisation at the more usually used focal lengths.

Regards.... Guy

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