What size zoom did you need for most subjects when traveling overseas

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Re: Have you ruled out

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- Zoom and focal lenght are confused. So, is the question about zoom or focal lengths?

- "Overseas" is too vage. Both the African plains and and crowded cities are overseas.

What does the difference between African plain and a crowded city matter?

For one of them I will be taking a supertele along, for the other not. Not only because of the focal lengths, also because of weight and usability.

I can see why the supertele would be immensely useful for the crowded city. Telephoto "compression" can make for great photos.

But don't you think it would also be useful on the African plain?

You might get distortion in the photos due to hot air when using a zoom in a hot country.


You're only visiting hot countries?

Remember, even hot countries are cool at night.

I am talking a trip on a space-ship to the "SUN" ... (yeah I know it is "hot" .... so I am going at NIGHT !!!

With your FZ-1000, you can take a trip to the sun while sitting in your living room.

That aside, I'm not surprised to see most people grappling with and agonizing over whether to take a supertele here or there are DSLR users.

Who can blame 'em? Perhaps hauling around those several kilograms of gear on past overseas trips has scarred them for life...

For a P900, Sony RX10, or FZ1000 user, it would be a real non-issue.

What brand of camera is a P900?


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