Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?

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Re: Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?

Greyser wrote:

stevenj2 wrote:

If there will be a Pentax miracle, I need to know soon, so I don't trade away the second half of my Pentax gear, to finish my transition to Nikon.

I agree iin general and strongly, with OP, so I got Nikon D7500 and 1DX (12-24 f/4 G), and 5 FX (3 "D" primes and 2 zooms) lenses for future (soon?) D750. Old glass, all used.

It does not quite make sense to keep my KP and all lenses left , after trade in of a few weeks ago for D7500..

I don't get it.

It does not make much more sense to trade in KP and the (4) K Mount lenses that would not be good to use on FF, to go for a used K1 and have 4 nice FF K Mount lenses left. - Instead of a D750 and spending a little more to add one more FX lens.

PS. Not to forget bigger Nikon community and availability of used gear, related books, info. sources, stuff of all kinds. I felt I was not a Canon guy, not same at all to have Canon APSC and FF as far as I could tell.

Unfortunately nobody can tell you that. The only thing I'm (strongly my personal opinion!) sure about is that there will not be significant AF improvement, because the issue is systemic and involves also lenses.

Unfortunately, that's it for this thread. Time to put this one to rest. 

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