What size zoom did you need for most subjects when traveling overseas

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PhotoTeach2 wrote:

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PhotoTeach2 wrote:

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You might get distortion in the photos due to hot air when using a zoom in a hot country.

You are right. It is much better to stand 3m from the lion/leopard/bull elephant/rhino. That way heat distortion won't be what you have to worry about.


Or an "unhappy" bear in Yosemite ...

Been there -- did that-- WON'T do THAT again !!!

I got close to a bull moose once, but

  • He wasn't unhappy.
  • It wasn't mating season.
  • There was a steep-sided drainage ditch between us.

How "wide" was it ??? (they can "jump" ya know)

Like in Yelowstone some years back. They say to keep well away from the bison but they forgot to tell that to the bison.

One evening driving the loop before it got too dark we were held up by a bunch of bison crossing the road, one even snuffled up to my car window so got maybe one foot away from my face. He said "hello" and wandered off, luckily. I didn't offer to pat him on the nose.

That time the only moose I saw needed about a 10,000mm lens. Just a speck in the distance.

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