I hope Sigma does this

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They basically have...

Roger wrote:


So now that I'm retired I have more time to do what I want, right? Yes I do. Any way I was sitting around talking with a friend the other day (this is what old retired guys do, talk, except for Rick he swims with the fishies) and we were wondering why Sigma hasn't put a viewfinder in the DP series yet?

Sigma makes viewfinders for all of them you can attach to the flash , or a viewfinder that attaches to the rear you can use with the LCD.  I use that; it is excellent.

And maybe a small zoom of "Art" quality?

They do, it's called "pulling out the other DP camera with a longer focal length".

Or maybe 3 DP's with zooms. Something like a DP1xyz with a viewfinder, 17-50 lens, pop up flash, then a DP2xyz with a 50-85 lens and pop up flash.

What you described sounds like it sounds great on paper but would perform really poorly and no-one would buy.  The existing 17-50 which is a pretty large lens, is not nearly as good as the lenses that already come on the DP cameras.  If you shrank it down and put it in a DP camera what would be the point of buying a kind of poorly performing camera you could not change lenses on?  It would be like a modern day x530.

Or ??? and keep it small.

I'd settle for a viewfinder, I'm sure it will come.

Why not use the ones they have?

It's not coming otherwise since there's no more through the lens views and to add a viewfinder in the body means an increase in camera size and expense.

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