I hope Sigma does this

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Re: I hope Sigma does this

Roger wrote:


So now that I'm retired I have more time to do what I want, right? Yes I do. Any way I was sitting around talking with a friend the other day (this is what old retired guys do, talk, except for Rick he swims with the fishies) and we were wondering why Sigma hasn't put a viewfinder in the DP series yet? And maybe a small zoom of "Art" quality? Or maybe 3 DP's with zooms. Something like a DP1xyz with a viewfinder, 17-50 lens, pop up flash, then a DP2xyz with a 50-85 lens and pop up flash. Or ??? and keep it small.

I'd settle for a viewfinder, I'm sure it will come.

What brought this on you ask? We were looking/messing with the Leica CL the other day, it's all Leica.

Off to get coffee, oh retirement isn't it grand??? We'll see

Roger J.

So far retirement is great.  I love it.  Every day is a Saturday.

As for the camera, I totally agree.  A Sony RX100 featured camera with a Foveon sensor would be fantastic.


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