Potential Switch to Sony A7RIII from Nikon. Pros and Cons?

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Potential Switch to Sony A7RIII from Nikon. Pros and Cons?

Aloha Everyone,

I currently have the D810 and a solid set of Nikon lenses (14-24, 24-70, 70-200, 200-500).  I will most likely end up getting the Nikon D850, but the A7RIII has me intrigued about a smaller/lighter footprint.  I mainly shoot landscape/real estate so having a lighter backpack is definitely something I would welcome!  Here's a list of things that have me interested in the A7RIII and was wondering if anyone else has made this switch and their experience or could offer any advice.

A7RIII Pro's

1. IBIS.  I really don't know why Canon/Nikon do not implement this but me using a tripod less is totally welcomed!  Also shooting small light primes with stabilization seems fun and I feel I would carry my camera with me more places instead of lugging around a huge backpack.

2. Pixel Shift.  I really haven't got to play with any files from this but the technology is definitely impressive and I'm thinking I could use it for some landscapes and blend in any areas that have movement in photoshop if needed.  Obviously not most landscapes, but the fact that it's there is awesome!

3. Eye AF.  For when I do shoot a wedding or portrait, this sure looks amazing

4. EVF.  For landscape, live view is pretty much a necessity so having this in the viewfinder with a histogram would be a dream come true.

5. Lighter/Smaller body.  Benefits to that are priceless really, but not sure how much lighter an entire kit would be?  I'd pry end up with a 12-24, 24-70, 100-400 kind of a kit to start.


1. No ISO 64 like Nikon.  The almost medium format look that seems to happen at ISO 64 still blows me away and I may stick with Nikon just for that.  Maybe Sony could do this with a software update?  Not sure how big the difference is between this and ISO 100 on the new Sony, but the files seem to have a more 3D feel to them in my opinion or have in the past anyhow.  The Nikon also usually squeaks out a little more DR at base ISO because of it.

2. Ultra-Wide Angle Lens.  Has anyone played with the Sony 12-24 much?  I was wanting to compare this to the Nikon 14-24 which I consider a perfect lens other than the awkward filter setup you need.  Would need a similar filter setup for the Sony 12-24 but it's also a slower lens.  Might be willing to give it a shot though as it's like almost half the weight of the Nikon 14-24.  Is the Sony sharp corner to corner like the Nikon?

3. Weather Sealing.  OK, so the Nikon is built like a tank and I can trust it to work with most any conditions.  Have not heard good things at all about Sony's weather sealing and do any of the lenses have a seal on the lens flange?  Unfortunately being in Hawaii, I can't go play with Sony stuff before I buy it so I just don't know.  Hoping some can chime in.

Nikon D810 Nikon D850
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