What size zoom did you need for most subjects when traveling overseas

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Re: Digital ZOOM up to 3200mm-EFL (from FZ-1000 @ $700)

D Cox wrote:

Moti wrote:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

Moti wrote:

Apart the fact that the IQ of most photos is aweful, Im sure that this is not the type of photography that the OP has in mind when he going on an overseas tour. Very interesting but off topic.

So you can match/equal those for $700, (Straight Out Of Camera) ???

And I am selling some of those as 24"x36" for $750. (more than the camera costs)

All this is completely irrelevant. The thread is not about camera prices or print sales prices. The facts are that the IQ of these photos is very bad and that your post is OT.

I think it's on topic, as it gives a warning that cameras with a very big zoom range may give low quality images.

It's puzzling why they should be so bad. Back in 2008-9, I was using a Panasonic DMC-LZ10 (the first digital camera I tried), and the results were not as bad as those. One would expect a more recent camera to be better.

This is "SOOC". It could do with a bit of brightening. (There is no raw save option on that camera.)

The zoom range is only 5x.

Actually, I do think the Panasonic Cameras got worse as they started increasing the zoom range or maybe it is for some other reason. I had a zs7 or something like that which had amazing iq for a small camera, each version, I thought, got softer.

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