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Re: Using custom settings?

Doug Pardee wrote:

There were a couple of allusions to this, but let me try to make this possibility clear (not that it's necessarily the problem in this case).

Each Custom Setting has its own set of Auto-ISO configurations. Naturally, all are initially set to the same "default" configuration.

When you activate a Custom Setting, it will throw away your current auto-ISO configuration and replace it with the Auto-ISO from the Custom Setting. This is particularly confusing if you're playing with the Q menu and accidentally activate a custom setting -- you probably don't realize that it changed your auto-ISO configuration, because that isn't (and can't be) displayed in the Q menu.

It took me a couple of weeks to figure out why my auto-ISO configuration kept changing. Once I figured it out, I set all of my Custom Settings to the same auto-ISO configuration that I wanted my camera set for.

By the way, this isn't an issue on cameras that have ISO dials.

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Yessss, may be this was the problem.

I tried and retried to replicate the problem, but I failed (only in one case my camera resetted alone, but may be I removed the battery while the camera was still on).

Now, if it's like Doug says, you need to associate your preferred AutoISO values to each custom setting.


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