Canon got it (almost) right wth the G1X mk3. Come on Nikon!

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Re: Canon got it (almost) right wth the G1X mk3. Come on Nikon!

Kevin Omura wrote:

Looked at the review/preview of the Canon, it's a nice camera but would agree about the cost. Because of that it doesn't make sense to me when you can buy an SL2 or D77 with up to two kit lenses for less money. Yes both are a lot bigger but you know that folks will compare price within the brand.

Just nothing compelling with this camera to make me want to rush out and pluck down $1300 for it.

Same thing went wrong with N1 I suppose, folks looked at the cost of a V body and then at a Nikon DSLR and said why spend the same amount on the smaller body with smaller sensor. It only really worked when they fire sale'd off the V1 and V2 but that caused a lot of damage to the market because everyone then expected Nikon to kill prices as new models were released.

But for me a 1" sensor makes more sense in a small point and shoot since you can leverage the size of the lenses to get more range in a smaller space. The more important thing for me in a small point and shoot is the speed of the lens and size. In other words f1.8 or faster such as f1.4. I don't think this is practical on an APS-C spec'd camera as it would really increase the cost and size.

Nikon should have stuck with the DL or at least just put the project on hold as we are still seeing development on the 1" sensor front.

I agree, Kevin. If we want to keep lenses small, the CX sensor makes sense: see how small and light are the 30-110 and the 70-300.

But there are a lot of people who just want the best travel camera in the smallest package. As for me, when I'm travelling, a 24-70 zoom is all I need. For that use, I'm OK with 2.8-5.6.

A compact APS-C sensored camera, like the Canon, will allow me not to wonder if I should carry my D7200 + 16-80 or not.

But the Canon price is way too high. If Nikon would make a V4/5, with a high quality "1" sensor, and "serious" features and controls, then I would for sure go for it, since I have the lenses.

Now, imagine a V4/5, paired with a 24-70 2.0-4.0 VR! Wow!

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