16-35 ZA vs GM for environmenal portraits?

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Re: 16-35 ZA vs GM for environmenal portraits?

Grenn1e wrote:

I'm in a market for wide angle zoom and torn between these two lenses. Main reason to get one is to have a one lens solution for walking around cities like Barcelona etc. I'm a WA guy. There's been many reviews comparing the landscape aspect and both of them are sharp enough for me (and I really like ZA's sunstars) but haven't seen a review comparing them in an environmental portrait setting at 35mm wide open. Does anyone have any insights how do they compare and is the shorter dof you can achieve at f/2.8 a big difference compared to f/4 on ZA. I shoot with A7rll and A7s so I'm not concerned about light gathering.. I will use primes when needed (:

I will also use this lens for events, band gigs and landscapes but it's another story. The main question at the moment is if the GM's rendering at 35mm and wide apertures is something you would pay the extra for. Of course I could also get the ZA and buy the 35/1.4 with it but it won't help when I'm out with just the WA zoom.

Btw, I will pair this zoom with Zony 55/1.8 and Batis 85/1.8 if it makes any difference. All the replies are greatly appreciated (:

I was on the same boat as you a few days ago and I end up with the 16-35 GM. For the uses you tell us and readying other replies to the thread the GM has some assets:

- Better lowlight for band gigs (were OSS won't be that helpful)

- It will be able to replace your astrophotography lens (Samyang 14 2.8)

- Fits perfectly with your 55 1.8 (I also have one and those are my usual 2 lens combo to go)

- At 35mm 2.8 you'll have some bokeh (depending how near your subject is) but the background will be surely noticeable.

Cons might be weight and bulk, but this GM lens has a very good weight ratio: 16-35 GM weight 680g vs 510g on the SonyZeiss side on the size side, the GM is a 20% bigger too but it will allow you to replace at least 2 lenses: The samyang and the SonyZeiss.

And maybe you would like to carry them both if you go out on a weekend to shot landscapes and astro, or see yourself restricted to the 14mm if you only carry your samyang. That was, basically what made me put the money on the GM.

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