Elinchrom 500 Classic for mobile use

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Elinchrom 500 Classic for mobile use

Hello good people of DPR,

i was lucky on 2 bids on eBay a good while back, where i got two well funcioning Elinchrom 500 EL Classic flash heads. Just recently i upgraded my modifier to a Elinchrom Rotalux 135, that i also got very cheap.

I always wanted to use them outside as well. I am mainly a graphic designer and do photography on the side, with a few jobs here and there. Stating a budget is tricky, but i think i can part with around 300 euros.

So i thought to buy a used battery pack in the hopes to snatch one for the cheap. I live in Germany, and there currently are a few offers. Mainly Profotos: 7A, 7B, B2R, but also Elinchroms Generator 3000 and 6000 Classics.

Now my question: If i could grab one of the Profotos for cheap enough, is there even a way to use them with Elinchrome Classic Flash heads? With an adapter for instance, or am i stuck with the classic generators by Elinchrom? These are probably around 30 years old, and i am not sure if the battery capacities are even worth 300 euros.

There is another option: An auction for a set of Elinchrom RX Ranger Speeds is up, which are a mobile setup. I will keep an eye on them as well. All auctions end around the same time of the day, so i do need priorities.

Could you help me a bit out here and maybe give me pointers to help me to reach my decision easier?

Links to pictures:
Elinchrom 500 Classic Flash Heads
Classic Batterypack
Profoto B1 Battery

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