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Re: Tracking and C af

golfhov wrote:

brightcolours wrote:

golfhov wrote:

alcudish wrote:

What camera are you using? I never suggested you stay in Sony. I was just pointing out that right now Sony has most common FL between about 12 and 200 covered.

I'm using Sony a6000 with 18-105mm, both cropped frame.

That is 28 to 157 on ff

So it doesn't matter when I jump to the full frame boat.

Yup. Lens won't go

Birding is not my usual priority it's just when I found few choice among Sony telephoto lenses.

Fair enough. Sony doesn't have much native past 200 (ff). BUT you need to toss the 6d if this is a priority for you. If it isn't slow or gives you time to focus and recompose then you will miss focus with 6d all day long.


How is it nonsense

6D owners (like me) don't encounter what you write. The 6D is not slow with AF

Have you used other cameras? Did you also see that I am also praising the center point?

The other AF points from the 6D are very usable too, you know. Demonstrably accurate, when one installs Magic Lantern, with trap focus function.

, where did you make that up?

From an extended time owning one.

Please do not misunderstand me. The center point of the 6d is "fast", accurate, and sensitive. I do not think I have ever said otherwise. When it comes to tracking and CAF the 6d just isn't as good as other cameras I suggested.

One does not track a lot with the OP's stated use...

D750 maybe in between.

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