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Re: No.

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This will be my first full frame camera. I just got a nice deal from Best Buy for Canon 6D + 24-105mm F/4 lens kit for $1209 (listing price $2199)

Now Amazon has Nikon D750 + 24-120mm f/4G NIKKOR Lens for $1996, and giving Nikon battery pack + 128G SD card + backpack for free. The listing price for all those items in total is more than $3700, so it's supposed to be a saving of $1700.

But anyway it's still $800 more than what I paid for Canon 6D. I watched several Youtube videos and I know D750 in many ways is better than 6D, but is it $800 better?

I mostly shoot landscape, and is kind of beginner.


I would put it somewhere in the $500-800 range. Unless you are hip deep in Canon glass, Nikon might be the better long term pathway too.

uhmm.. no.

They generally offer much more for a lot less money.

You mean higher FPS specs.

They offer generally worse ergonomics, a worse lens mount, generally a bit lesser lens line up, worse live view, worse live view AF, worse RAW converter.

Part of me wants to talk you out of your buyers remorse, validate what a good deal you got and affirm that $2000 is too much for a beginner anyway, tell you not to second guess and enjoy the 6D. But looking at it objectively, the D750 package looks like a much better value.

The 6D is a nicer (less in your way) camera to use. That is due to the controls and menus. Better live view, nicer lens mount, less fuss. The D750 offers more DR hidden in the depths of RAW at base ISO (to me a next to worthless thing), more AF points and a higher FPS rating.

Lol no, I've used both the d750 and the 6d (the original one which is what the op is talking about) and the d750 has several distintive advantages in ergonomics over the 6d:

  1. On/off button is way better placed. And you can turn the camera on with only 1 hand on the camera.
  2. The rear dial's placement is way better and you can reach it faster and operate it without stretching your thumb.
  3. Culling process on the 6d is a 3 buttons process that forces you to move your fingers to different buttons. Culling process on the d750 is a 2 buttons process that doesnt force you to move your finger at all. I can cull 3 photos in the time it takes you to cull 1 on the 6D
  4. Tilty screen on the d750 vs fixed screen on the 6d, nuff said.

Oh, and the 6d actually has far worse liveview than the d750, its like 5 times slower and hunts even worse.

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