Getting sharper video from Canon DSLR - shoot with sharpness turned down and sharpen in post?

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Getting sharper video from Canon DSLR - shoot with sharpness turned down and sharpen in post?

I'm interesting in the 200D or 800D, and while I don't need 4K I would like decent 1080p and the Canon DSLR's are regarded by reviewers as having soft 1080p.

I was looking on YouTube and and found the following YouTube video on getting more detail from Canon 80D video:

How to Get Sharper & More Detailed Video From Your Canon 80D / Canon 70D

It recommends shooting with sharpness turned right down and sharpening in post for sharper video. The comment below suggest that the examples given are rather over-sharpened, but I was interested on any comments on this approach, and if it worked just as well with 200D/800D video.

I'm still not sure where I stand on Canon DSLR video. The lack of 4K is disappointing compared to competitor offerings, but resolution is not everything and the 200D is appealing many other ways - AF, colour, lenses, reversing LCD, touch screen, mic input - not to mention price.

I'm not the only one though. Here's what EOSHD said about the Canon 80D on 1April 2016 (I can't link these because EOSHD is blocked by DPR):

Canon 80D video quality still atrocious
"Soft, aliasing ridden, huge moire problems, not even 1080p resolution."

Then 5 months later:

Canon 80D first impressions and 3x crop mode
"Now to image quality. The 1080p of course could be better, this is Canon after all. But the skintones, colour science, codec, rolling shutter performance and low light are all very nice indeed - much better than most of the 4K cameras out there in fact and much better than Sony. The image upscales well to 4K on my LG DCI 4096 x 2160 display. In fact overall detail appears much higher than any Canon DSLR before it, way better than the 60D and 70D"

I'm inclined to think that in 2017 I should really be getting a 4K camera, but with the Panasonic G85 that I'm looking at, I've seen a number of example that show AF is pretty poor. And that's going to be a lot more distracting than 1080p resolution.

Anyway, that's enough of my ramblings - I'd be interested in any comments.

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