Wishlist for GRii firmware update

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Wishlist for GRii firmware update

While there has been a lot of talk about the GRiii (to be or not to be), I personally would get more value added with a firmware update, since the technical quality of my images (if not the artistic) is pretty impeccable and 16 MP is big enough pretty much all fine arts book and magazine publication - frankly I can only wish to make art as good as some of the GR (and other technically worse cameras') people I follow on Flickr. But I would love to see better firmware. This is my wish list:

- Faster autofocus, assuming the hardware allows. Firmware 3 gave us faster autofocus already but it could always be even faster.

- Maybe do something with the pretty much unusable higher ISO, if anything more can be done with software. Or make it so you can set lower max ISO in the T modes.

- Either share or sell native OOC color profiles (including effects profiles) users directly, to third party software such as Lightroom, C1, DxO, or...

- Or, if not that, jazz up the in-camera RAW development. One needs to be able to

- Push exposure by more than one stop in in-camera RAW development. The raw dynamic range very often tolerates much larger pushes in PP with other software, and it should be easy to remove the one-stop limit in the firmware.

- Get a second better noise-reduction algorithm for non-realtime raw development. It's understandable to use a quick and dirty NR in live shots, but the time constraint isn't there when later redeveloping the photo in-camera.

- Ditto for the sharpening algorithm. I am not a big fan of sharpening but it really does improve a minority of my images, but in-camera sharpening can be very artifacty. It is sad to have to pull the raw through a third party PP program and in the process lose the often very nice OOC colors or OOC effects just to get quality NR and sharpening on an otherwise great OOC image.

- Better HDR compensation. The existing option brings shadows up but seldom recovers highlights. Sperate shadow and highlight recovery would be nice.

- The effects are often very nice and I have recently started playing with and enjoying them, but I would love a way to tone down any given effect closer to standard (or maybe towards another effect). Color profiles can be interpolated to get something in between two profiles or even exaggerate a profile with a slider - DxO has had this feature for a while. I know you can tone saturation and contrast down or up, but that's not what I mean. I want to be able to do stuff between between standard, and, say, positive film (for example, the latter is often more dramatic than standard but washes out greens a bit too much sometimes).

- Improve a couple of the effects somewhat. I actually like high key but haven't been able to use the images because it pushes so much that most of the time it posterizes. Again, a slider that chooses how far from standard you want to go would probably solve this.

- Cropping shouldn't only have three size options, since sometimes none of these works.. There is no reason why one shouln't be able to crop to in-between sizes.

- An option for software image stabilization would be nice. Even my old Lumix from 2004 or so already had that.

- And finally: make the WiFi work! And work fast enough to be practical. I don't share most of my images because it is too much pain getting them from my computer to my phone, as opposed to delivering them directly like, e.g. Sony does very well.

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