Wide angle recommendations

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Tokina 11-20mm f-2.8

I use a Nikon D5100 and D5500 with a Nikon 16-85mm lens, and a few months ago after some search bought a Tokina 11-20mm f-2,8. (I also wanted a wider lens.)

My main reason for selecting the Tokina was that it has a wider aperture than most competitors. I use the WA lens primarily for indoor settings, e.g., Museums that are notoriously dark, and the wider aperture helps.

The Tokina-Nikon combination has one "constraint:" my lens will not autofocus reliably on normal view, but will autofocus very well on "Live View." This forces me to use the LCD screen, even though on occasion I would like to look through the viewfinder. (As you know, the viewfinder goes black, when the LCD screen is in use.) Except for this behavior, I think it is an exceptionally sharp lens, even wide-open.

Hope this info helps.

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