A6000 XAVC S, 24p 50M vs A6300 XAVC S HD, 24p 50M

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Re: A6000 XAVC S, 24p 50M vs A6300 XAVC S HD, 24p 50M

John Moran_2 wrote:

IIRC, the "S" in XAVC S HD stands for "Sony". (50Mb/sec)

The relevant part was/is that both cameras are using the same, more compressed XAVC S codec at the same bitrate. The XAVC S version is intended for easy streaming and such use, and it's restricted to 8-bit 4:2:0 colour space at up to 150mbps data rate and up to UHD resolution. The regular XAVC version is more robust and has more variations and less restrictions.
You can check the details from Sony white papers or whatever if you really want to delve into the minutia.

But even though both cameras are using the same XAVC S codec and bit rate in 1080/HD mode, the a6000 version is likely to look prettier, for the reasons described earlier.
Nevertheless, if one happens to have access to both, it's easy enough to test and see what the real life difference is straight off the camera. Happy shooting.

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