30x zoom or 3x zoom for compact camera?

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Low light more important than long tele - go 3x

Brisn5757 wrote:

I'm trying to decide on either a 30x or 3x compact camera to buy for touring overseas.

I'm told thst photo quality can suffer for a 30x lens but will a I miss some shots by only havibg a 3x zoom camera.

Advice welcomed thanks


I'm more concerned about low light than long telephoto reach. You may be visiting cathedrals and other buildings where getting a shot in low light will be important. In every case you will be getting better image quality from a higher quality lens and a larger sensor.

3x zoom compacts offer this capability

Lumix DMX LX100 - less pixels, bigger sensor, but much better low light

or Lumix DMX LX10 - more pixels

or GX850 with 12-32 - bigger sensor for low light, lens not as fast

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