Is Nikon D750 $800 better than Canon 6D? Locked

Started Nov 20, 2017 | Questions thread
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Nothing is X amount worth more than something else

I don’t think you’re asking the right question OP. The question is, do you need the features in the D750? Ignore the image quality differences or DR, fact is they can both take great photos and most people can’t tell the difference unless they’re pixel peeping.

If you’re doing landscape exclusively, just get the 6D, it’s crazy cheap right now and it will serve you well. If you shoot friends and family events non-professionally, then you’ll have to ask if those potential photos you’ll get in focus on the D750 over the 6D are worth $800 to you.

I think if you’re shooting for personal enjoyment, save some cash, buy the 6D and spend the money on a plane ticket this Christmas or whatever else you desire. If you’re going to be pursuing professional shoots where you need data reliability, then the D750 or something more pro should be considered.

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