Which flash for an in-door event (Flash noob)

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Re: Which flash for an in-door event (Flash noob)

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Hi guys,

firstly I should state I have never used flash in my photography which is generally travel and street.

However, I have been tasked to photograph an event as well as some food photography too.

The restaurant is indoors and pretty dark most of the time.

So I'm looking for a flash unit which will be helpful in both situations and was wondering what you guys recommended. If possible I'd like the flash to be pretty compact too.

From my initial research, the EF-X20 looks a good shout. Is the fixed direction of the flash a real problem? Also I'v read mixed things about the recharge speed of the flash unit?

There is also the EF-20 where the direction can be altered.

Any help would be much appreciated,


I like the Godox TT350F: small, light, cheap and on top it works very well (including TTL and HSS).

Thanks man, the Godox TT350F looks awesome and the price is allot cheaper that the EF-X20 (which i currently have).

So the Ability to bounce the flash away from the subject puts it leaps and bounds ahead of the EF-X20 I presume?

Part of me wants to keep the EF-X20 due to it's size but I get the feeling a propper unit will be allot more functional!

I have that as a little back up flash.... it’s very good... but.... it has very little power for any sort of event work.

it saved my bacon otoh on a recent shoot but it was a bit painfully low powered...

This is all true, but it can be bounced, etc. with a short TTL Canon cord. You can hold the flash in one hand and the camera in the other. Not at all ideal, but it'll do in a pinch. It's also a nice in-camera fill flash for situations with enough ambient light.

top tips for event work...

bouncing your flash can work fine if you have enough power and if the ceiling is a suitable colour/height/shape.... many venues don’t have that... bouncing is also bad if your working close to your subjects.... too close and you will get heavy shadows on the face, you need to be back a bit.

soemtimes bouncing off the wall instead works... there is no hard and fast rule about where you should bounce from.... just watch the colour of the surface. The little godox 350 only TTS vertically, so your restricted to bouncing off the ceiling in horizontal shots... or the wall in vertical... you can’t twist the head to bounce vertically in a vertical shot.... using the flash on a shirt off camera dedicated cable can be handy to fix issues like that... the canon dedicated cable works fine.

The Godox 350F twists laterally (I own one and just double-checked), so you can bounce it in any direction. It also comes with a diffuser, which is handy for situations without a good bounce surface, but where you want something softer than direct flash. Try pointing the flash straight up or a little forward with the diffuser on.

You need to crank the flash up a good stop to stop and a half to get a effective bounce.

If you use TTL, you'll still probably want to crank it up a little when bouncing.

if your using ttl, different coloured clothes will cause you issues, in particular blokes in black suits.... which will cause the flash to overexpose. So think about the mix of colours your seeing.. and adjust accordingly.

there was a earlier comment about not shooting direct flash.... direct flash at events can provide the best results... but you need to expose manually for the ambient conditions, and then use direct as a strong fill.... look for cool backlit dance floor action and expose for the disco lights using a long shutter speed, say 1/10th to give a funky look but freeze the action with the flash

This is good advice. So an alternative, try underexposing the ambient light by 1 stop, which factors in a little more flash.

with the little godox this is probably your best bet.. shoot 800-1600 iso and then use the little flash at around 1/4 power or so for fill... experiment a bit for beat results.

Experiment a lot beforehand, and carry plenty of full strength batteries.

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