Which flash for an in-door event (Flash noob)

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Re: Which flash for an in-door event (Flash noob)

elfroggio wrote:

ErenCam wrote:

Hi guys,

firstly I should state I have never used flash in my photography which is generally travel and street.

However, I have been tasked to photograph an event as well as some food photography too.

The restaurant is indoors and pretty dark most of the time.

So I'm looking for a flash unit which will be helpful in both situations and was wondering what you guys recommended. If possible I'd like the flash to be pretty compact too.

From my initial research, the EF-X20 looks a good shout. Is the fixed direction of the flash a real problem? Also I'v read mixed things about the recharge speed of the flash unit?

There is also the EF-20 where the direction can be altered.

Any help would be much appreciated,


I like the Godox TT350F: small, light, cheap and on top it works very well (including TTL and HSS).

Thanks man, the Godox TT350F looks awesome and the price is allot cheaper that the EF-X20 (which i currently have).

So the Ability to bounce the flash away from the subject puts it leaps and bounds ahead of the EF-X20 I presume?

Part of me wants to keep the EF-X20 due to it's size but I get the feeling a propper unit will be allot more functional!

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