5D Mark IV, Initial Thoughts coming from 5D Mark II

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5D Mark IV, Initial Thoughts coming from 5D Mark II

I got a refurbished 5D4 for $2380 from Canon about 3 weeks ago. I had a 5D2 and I  debated between a 5D4 and 6D2. My initial thoughts are based on reading the manual, some testing, and relatively limited use taking actual photos.  In addition to what I already knew about the camera features, I am impressed by the autofocus options and with the customization that is possible. I am  happy with the camera in general, specially coming from a 9-year old model, but I found a few relatively small shortcomings. I would appreciate feedback, if I am wrong or if you have found workarounds.

  1. The Auto ISO implementation is god. It would be great if the minimum shutter speed could be made specific to each lens or if it could be defined differently for lenses with IS. Changing the minimum shutter speed is deep in the menus. Even with a custom menu item, it takes several steps. This should be an option in the Q controls, or ideally, it could be changed with a custom button.
  2. Once you use the joystick to select focus points and AF area selection button to select the focus zone, I find the AF point selection button in the back redundant. I wish this button could be customized to do something else.
  3. I wish it was possible to quickly change the frame rate with a custom button. When set to 7 fps, it is difficult to take only one frame.
  4. I like the custom Q menu, but I would like to be able to add any individual menu item. For example, I enjoy the AEB/exposure compensation display in the Q menu, but if you want to change the number of bracketed shots you have to go through the menu system.
  5. Wifi connection to an iPhone could be improved. The connection takes a few steps going through the menus. Sometimes it fails and I don't know why. Adding wifi with the custom Q menu is not an option. Sometimes, if the camera moves relatively fast, there is a small lag and on occasion, the image freezes.
    I was hoping to address the lack of articulated screen with an iPhone and a hot-shoe holder. This can work with a tripod or when you have time, but I don't think it is practical for handheld pictures under changing conditions or handheld video. 
  6. I may miss magic lantern for the few occasions I want to do focus bracketing.
  7. I wish the self timer could be used to take more than one picture. For example to take a 7 picture burst after the 10 seconds are up. I tried using the interval timer for this purpose, but the minimum time between pictures is 1 second, and when using the 10 second self timer, it adds 10 seconds in between each of the shots.
  8. The C1, C2, and C3 modes can now be automatically updated by changes done while shooting. I like this, but I would prefer that when this option is not chosen, settings would remain the same when the camera goes off automatically and would only revert to the original saved settings when turning the camera off.
  9. A couple of features that I believed are found in the 6D2 are missing in the 5D4: 4K time lapses and electronic image stabilization for video.
  10. Low ISO dynamic range and the additional resolution are great. You can avoid HDR in many cases as long as you expose for highlights even if you underexpose the shadows. To take advantage of the DR, I use negative exposure compensation more often. I will also try HTP.
  11. I still think I would have liked the articulated screen and lighter weight of the 6D2. However, on the balance, I think I made the right decision.
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
30 megapixels • 3.2 screen • Full frame sensor
Announced: Aug 25, 2016
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