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Re: File fragmentation?

David Lal wrote:

Huyen Olson wrote:

The thing is, I did not delete, but instead, I reformatted the card. The funny thing is, Wondershare only recovered quite a few RAW images but not all. I wondered why!

I'm not an expert on this but I think the reformatting probably expunges the file allocation table rather than wiping the disk thoroughly. Recovery software looks for related file fragments and puts them together to rebuild the FAT.

Me either, but just to add...

Deleting will remove the file pointers from the FAT to allow the the areas of the card containing those files to be overwritten, but leave the actual file bits'n'bytes pretty much untouched. If new files are not written to the card after the deletions, recovery software has a pretty good chance of finding all the information and putting it back together.

Formatting in camera writes a small amount of information to the card to create the folder structure, and might overwrite some parts of some of the files with that information, making recovery impossible.  Sometimes it's just matter of luck. 

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