Zeiss Milvus 15 mm vs. Nikon 14-24 mm

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Zeiss Milvus 15 mm vs. Nikon 14-24 mm

Hi all,

I currently own the Nikon 14-24 mm and have been pretty happy with it. I have been longing to get a Zeiss lens for a while and the only one that really appeals to me is the Zeiss 15 mm Milvus as I would use that for landscapes where I wouldn't need AF. I have seen some great shots with it and one of the forum members whom I respect immensely ('Anothermike') recommended this lens to me for my style of shooting. He felt that I would be happy with the rendering and the Zeiss colors.

The issue is that I came across this one review below, where the 14-24 mm really holds its own against the Zeiss. So I am in a quandary - was the review flawed or is it that the Zeiss 15 mm is not all that? $2,700 for the Zeiss is a lot of money and I would like to spend it wisely.

What are your thoughts? If you guys feel the review is justified, should I just stick with the 14-24 mm until Nikon updates the lens? I feel an update should be coming soon, given that they have updated the 24-70 and the 70-200. But it's Nikon - so who knows! And please note that I am looking for an UWA lens in the 14 mm to 16 mm range - so recommending a 24 mm or 35 mm lens is not relevant to my query. 

The link to the review can be found here .

Thanks for any feedback.


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