Is Nikon D750 $800 better than Canon 6D? Locked

Started Nov 20, 2017 | Questions thread
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Jozef M wrote:

If I should start all over again, I would never ever buy in a system of the past.

The cameras (and lenses) are too big,

Oh boy. You dislike good ergonomie and good battery times?

and the mirror slaps produce too much vibration for the high resolution sensors of today and the future.

That is nonsense. The mirror slap only is an issue on tripods. On tripods, you have mirror lock up, and also of course live view available.

Look at the medium format cameras of Hasselblad and Fuji, no mirrors anymore.

No good ergonomics anymore. Heavy and very expensive lenses only. Very limited lens selection.

Nikon and Canon are coming with a high standard mirrorless system anyway, maybe soon as next year.



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