RX10IV - Custom Settings...

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RX10IV - Custom Settings...

After having had my RX10IV for a couple of weeks and trying various set-ups, (I think *) I’ve settled on the following custom settings for the time being - although things are easy to swap round, should the need arise. I’m wondering what favourites others have (or, to put it another way, I’m fishing for alternative ideas). Here's how I've set mine up -

C2: Zoom Assist


AEL: AF On (Back Button Focus)

Cent: Focus Area

Left: Drive Mode

Right: Metering Mode

Down: ISO

Wheel: [Not Set]

C3: Eye AF

Focus Hold: AF On (Back Button Focus via Recall Custom Hold 1-3. Depending on circumstances, can be pre-set from a choice of - RCH 1. Birds-in-flight, RCH 2. Moving things, RCH 3. Static things).

Shutter: Start Exposure Metering/ Activate Shutter only.

My Menu 1: Spot Metering Point (Centre), Flash Comp. (+-0.0), Zoom Speed (Normal), Touch Operation (Touch Pad Only), Touch Pad Settings (On, Relative, Upper Right), Format.

My Menu 2: Custom Key(Shoot), Reg Cust Shoot Set, 1-2 Memory, Bracket Settings, Steady Shot (On), Airplane Mode (On).

(* The My Menu settings are still provisional and ‘under review/ development’).

General Walk Around Settings: Shooting Mode - A, Drive Mode - Continuous (Mid), Auto Focus - C, Focus Area - Expand Flexible Spot, Pre-AF - Off, Metering - Multi Mode, ISO - Auto (100-800/ Fastest Speed), Zoom Ring - Step, Quality - RAW, Aperture - set as required. (These can all obviously change with circumstances).

At present my Memory Recall 1-3 settings mirror the Recall Custom Hold settings, but I’d like to explore other options - perhaps get one set up for Long Exposure. I also haven’t delved into the movie side of things yet as my prime use for the camera is stills, although - again - I’d like to get this set up in time.

I know it’s a personal choice and some may keep the camera set to original settings (which is absolutely fine if that suits!), but if you’d like to share your custom settings, which may assist others - including me - setting their camera up, please add them to the thread. Thanks in advance for any contributions…

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