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Re: Is Nikon D750 $800 better than Canon 6D?

alcudish wrote:

This will be my first full frame camera. I just got a nice deal from Best Buy for Canon 6D + 24-105mm F/4 lens kit for $1209 (listing price $2199)

Now Amazon has Nikon D750 + 24-120mm f/4G NIKKOR Lens for $1996, and giving Nikon battery pack + 128G SD card + backpack for free. The listing price for all those items in total is more than $3700, so it's supposed to be a saving of $1700.

But anyway it's still $800 more than what I paid for Canon 6D. I watched several Youtube videos and I know D750 in many ways is better than 6D, but is it $800 better?

I mostly shoot landscape, and is kind of beginner.


I would put it somewhere in the $500-800 range. Unless you are hip deep in Canon glass, Nikon might be the better long term pathway too. They generally offer much more for a lot less money.

Part of me wants to talk you out of your buyers remorse, validate what a good deal you got and affirm that $2000 is too much for a beginner anyway, tell you not to second guess and enjoy the 6D. But looking at it objectively, the D750 package looks like a much better value.

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