Rebel (T6/t6i) vs A6000 vs G7 - Filmmaking

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Ebrahim Saadawi
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Rebel (T6/t6i) vs A6000 vs G7 - Filmmaking

Here's what I am having trouble with suggesting a friend and want him the best, I know is very talented and wants to make a feature film.

Key points:

1- Lighting is DIY/expensive so noise performance is key

2- Large chip look is key of course for a feature

3- Budget is very very limited.

4- Youtube/Web/HD festival release at highest

Products in Egypt:

1-D3400 + 18-55mill (7000 EGP)
2-1200D + 18-55mill (6000 EGP)
3-750D + 18-55mill (14.000 EGP)
4- A6000 + 16-50mill (12.000)
4- G7 (4K) + 14-42mm (15.000)
3- 50mmSTM (2000 EGP)
4- Nikkor manual primes are +- 1000 EGP.
5- Zoom H1 (2000 EGP)
6- EF to Sony E adaptor (2000 EGP)
7- 10-18mm IS UWA Canon (6000 EGP)
8- 85mm f/1.8 Canon (4000 EGP)

1- I can just get him a tiny T5 + kit lens and now he has the wide angles covered and a 50mm with portrait/close up covered, all s35 look/DOF and great colours, add a zoom H1 and audio is superb. All under 10K. And for another 6K I can get him a whole new look (10-18mm IS STM). He can sell all for basically the same price after the film unlike the other options.

*Issues: Aliasing/moire and softish image (still good enough for youtube HD I believe?) no 4K, no Mic input, no tilty screen)

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2- D3400 + Kitlens + Manual Primes + Zoom H1: all still 10K or so, adds a LOG profile and slightly better 1080p detail and about a stop of noise over a T5.

*Issues: No 10-18mm IS option or 85mm f/1.8 at the given low prices.


3- A6000 + kitlens + EF adapter + 50STM + Zoom: adds up to 18K just to get a wide and a close up, with the same IQ of the D3400. I just think 12K vs 7k for D3400 is a LOT.

*Issues: Price, and just 2K just for a dumb EF adapter, without any new mirrorless upgrades like 4K of IBIS (A6300 is 22K body only for IBIS and SLOG goodies)


4- Panasonic G7: Best 4K bargain out there par none. He can pitch his film as 4K which is still a new thing here and will be good for him.

*Issues: Only 14-42mm M43s lens available, and will have to buy another 2K adapter + 50mm for close ups + Zoom H1 (about 20K or so). And still smaller chip aesthetic and lowlight performance. But again it's basically a GH4 powerhorse he can use for years and years!


5- Canon 750D (14K) + 50mm. A simple set up, where he can just put a shallow prime like the 50STM and tap the actors face. Will save him tons, tons of manual focus headache.

*Issues, again soft like the first option, just DPAF that makes it VERY attractive. It's the same price as a G7 4K both with kit lenses covering a good range.


In all these options I can't help but think of stability, and the wide aperture prime look he wants has no IS (Canon or Nikkor Primes), just his tripod + slider.

I thought I'd just lend him my 70D and let him buy a 3 Axis Gimbal (5000 EGP), but he'll pretty much lose all those 5K and sell it for 1K max after the shoot instead of a camera/lens.


I am inclined to buy him the cheapest s35 camera available and cheapest lenses and cheapest recorder as I have a belief no one will care about some softness or aliasing, but they WILL see the UWA look and 85mm Look when watching the film.

(T5+10-18/18-55/50/85/zoom = 20K

VS G7+14-42+adapter+50+zoom = 20K,

without an UWA or 85 and dirt cheap resale value)

It's the first time I am having trouble suggesting gear! Any help would be HUGELY appreciated.

Thank you a LOT.

DR. Saadawi. Cheers from Egypt.

5DIV + 16-35F4 + 70D +18-135mm + 50STM

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