How many dp cameras do you have?

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Boookeh Forum Member • Posts: 65
How many dp cameras do you have?

Interested to know how far people have bought into the idea of having multiple dp cameras. The sensor type is not of interest, more the number of cameras of different types. SLR/sd don't count!

So if you have different generations of dp2 - which seems to be quite common- that's just dp2 only in this poll!

thanks! James

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dp0 only
5.1% 3  votes
dp1 only
3.4% 2  votes
dp2 only
16.9% 10  votes
dp3 only
18.6% 11  votes
dp0 and dp1
0.0% 0  votes
dp0 and dp2
5.1% 3  votes
dp0 and dp3
1.7% 1  vote
dp1 and dp2
8.5% 5  votes
dp1 and dp3
6.8% 4  votes
dp2 and dp3
6.8% 4  votes
three dp cameras all different numbers
15.3% 9  votes
all four dp cameras! the jackpot!
11.9% 7  votes
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